About the founders

Yoga is a way of life, an art to be here and now. An attitude how to reinvent who we are and what is the purpose of life.
Regular practice shapes us and helps to make us better for our life. Our behavior towards others and oneself is and important sign of our transformation along with stability and peace within. They show us how sincere and true is our journey. There are many paths leading to the same goal, everyone has to discover his or her own path.
The idea of „Yogaspace“ came in spring of 2007. At that time we lived in Asia and yogic disciplines had been part of our day for several years. Yoga keeps bringing many small and big changes which have positive effect on us. The personal experience of the effects ignited the need to share these

timeless teachings.
 After a period of thinking, planing and some effort Yogaspace was opened in Jun 2008 in Prague 5, Smichov. Since the beginning Yogaspace took its course, up to us is to have the courage to let things flow and do only what is needed.
 Our intention is to share our experiences and insights which came through continuous practice and to create peaceful, supporting environment. Our motivation is trust in this life philosophy. We are regretful to all our teachers who lovingly share great wisdom and to you, our students thanks to whom Yogaspace exists.


Ivana and Zbynek (Ziggy)