MultiSport card - Do you have a MultiSport card and would like to reserve your space and pay with this card for a 60 min class? Create an account in our reservation system, than buy MULTISPORT membership for 0 CZK in the online store. Within 48 hrs we will add 200 credits to your account. This credit will allow you to book one 60 minute class. Button Online store (Obchod) is in the top left corner of Timetable window. By coming to the class and paying for the class with your MultiSport card, your used credit will re-new. The update happens 1 hour after the end of each class, then you will be able to make a new reservation. If you do not come to the class or if you do not use MULTISPORT membership to make a reservation, the credit will be used. Once you run out of credit you need to buy new credit to be able to make reservations. To book a class through MultiSport membership you click on a chosen class, the window will apear where you will see MULTISPORT and greeen button JOIN. You click on the green button and in the next step you confirm your reservation. All credits have limited validity and are non-refundable.
The MultiSport card can be used for 60 minute classes only. See the timetable.
Because the MS card payment can be activated only in the studio, they can not be accepted for on-line classes.

More about reservations.

The card is non-transferable and can be used with ID only. The card can be used once a day.