• Courses are prepaid blocks of classes with lower price than drop in prices or passes. Courses usually run for 3 to 4 months. List of courses opening in coming weeks is in the course window below. Courses taught in English are in yellow letters. 
  • Paying the course fee secures your place in all classes of the course.
  • In each course a given number of classes can be substituted, details in description of each course.

  • Reservation of a course: click on "Login" in the course window below to login or register in the reservation system.
  • Once loged in open the course you would like to attend click „Join“ and follow the instructions.
  • After booking the course you will receive email with the payment details and course conditions.
  • Substitution of course classes can be managed in "My account".

The list of all opened classes Czech and English can be found in the Timetable.

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