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ASHTANGA COLOR mat - 5,5 mm

Our Ashtanga mat with time-proven quality and superior cushioning. This mat is particularly heavy, robust and very durable, even under extreme use.

Price: 1.050,- Kč / pc

  • Measurement: 185 x 66 cm, Thickness: 5,5 m
  • Color: Petrol, Aubegine
  • Weight: 3,2 kg
  • Material: PVC (free of DOP, AZO and heavy metals)
  • Note: 50 Kč / pc discount applies to orders of 10 or more pieces
  • Postage and packing: 150.- Kč (1pc, parcel to a post office in Czech) COD + 50.- Kč


This mat is particularly robust and long-lasting, ideal for yoga studios and the rigors of daily use. Highly recommended for repeated, intensive use, as well as for high-intensity yoga styles with high demands on yoga mats, e.g. Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga. A long-lasting yoga mat - thick, heavy and with good cushioning.

Made of PVC, the mat contains no latex, DOP-softeners, AZO dyes or heavy metals. 6P free. The closed-cell material is hygienic and easy to clean: simply wipe to clean or clean with a mild disinfectant. Lay flat to dry.

Please note, sweat and moisture tend to reduce the grip of PVC mats.

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