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BODHI COLOR mat - 5,5 mm

Very comfortable mat with superior cushioning. Mat is particularly heavy robust and durable. We recommend the mat for relaxing practices such as Yin yoga where you will appreciate soft comfort, warmth and extra width. 

Price: 990,- Kč / pc

  • Measurement: 185 x 66 cm, Thickness: 5,5 m
  • Color: Petrol, Aubegine
  • Weight: 3,2 kg
  • Material: PVC (free of DOP, AZO and heavy metals)
  • Note: 50 Kč / pc discount applies to orders of 10 or more pieces
  • Postage and packing: 150.- Kč (1pc, parcel to a post office in Czech) COD + 50.- Kč


This mat is particularly robust and long-lasting, ideal for yoga studios and the rigors of daily use. Highly recommended for repeated use. Long lassting yoga mat - thick, heavy and with good cushioning.

Made of PVC, the mat contains no latex, DOP-softeners, AZO dyes or heavy metals. 6P free. The closed-cell material is hygienic and easy to clean: simply wipe to clean or clean with a mild disinfectant. Lay flat to dry.

Please note, sweat and moisture tend to reduce the grip of PVC mats.

We recomment to purcharse this mat together with Yoga wheel SAMSARA. Cost of the set (mat + wheel = 2,000 Kc, packing + delivery = 150 Kc, P.O.D. + 50 Kc)

To order e-mail to yoga@yogaspace.cz



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