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RISHIKESH Premium XL mat - 4,5 mm

The Rishikesh Premium is our best-selling studio yoga mat, particularly thick, flexible and shock absorbing. Offering good traction and cushioning.

Price: 670,- Kč    

  • Measurement: 200 x 60 cm, thicknes: 4,5 mm
  • Color: dark blue (in stock)
  • Weight: 1,9 kg
  • Part of packing are two elastic straps to hold the mat rolled up
  • Material: PVC (toxin-free according to the strict standards of ÖKO-TEX Standard)

Postage and packing: 150.- Kč (1pc, parcel to a post office in Czech) COD + 50.- Kč

A good practice and studio mat with a long-life and abrasion resistance. Non-slip and good for sitting and standing exercises. The Rishikesh Premium is certified toxin-free according to the strict standards of ÖKO-TEX Standard 100 P.1 Certificate (Baby Standard) Ref. No. 48325. 
Comes with two rubber straps that keep the mat rolled and compact. 
Machine wash max. 30° C. Do not spin or put in the dryer. Please note, with a lot of sweat or humidity the non-slip properties of the mat can be reduced because the mat does not absorb moisture and a film of sweat can lead to less grip on the mat.

To order send an e-mail to yoga@yogaspace.cz