MultiSport card

To pay for lessons with a MultiSport card please follow the instructions:

  • Create an account in the Yogaspace reservation system.
  • Buy our "MULTISPORT-ZALOHA" membership for CZK 220. The membership works as renewable advance and can be purchased directly when booking a class in the "Membership" tab or with the "Online store" button. By paying the MULTISPORT-ZALOHA membership, you will receive 220 credits to your account in the reservation system. Credits allow you to book one 60 min lesson and serve as a guarantee for MultiSport card payments. MULTISPORT-ZALOHA MEMBERSHIP CAN ONLY BOOK 60 MINUTE LESSONS IN THE STUDIO
  • If you already have the MULTISPORT-ZALOHA membership in the reservation system, book a lesson, come to the studio lesson and submit your MlultiSport card for scanning.

When booking, you must select the "MEMBERSHIP" tab and the MULTISPORT-ZALOHA membership so that the system can further process the credits blocked by booking. If class is booked with another membership or the credit option, the used credits are not returned to the account.

If you participate in a lesson booked with a "MULTISPORT-ZALOHA" membership and pay for the lesson with the same benefit card, blocked credits are released for further bookings. Credits are released 60 minutes after the lesson. In case of your non-participation in the booked lesson or making the reservation with other than the "MULTISPORT-ZALOHA" membership, the credits are used to pay for the lesson.

Checking in / out of the lesson is only possible in the reservation system. The check-out option ends 2 hours before the start of the lesson (for morning classes by 9PM the previous day)

If you do not have enough credits, you can buy them online when booking the lesson. Your membership remains, you only top up the credits.

Validity of credits: credits purchased with our MULTISPORT-ZALOHA membership are available until you use them. (Examples of credit consumption: non-participation in a booked lesson or reservation other way than by MULTISPORT membership).
All additional purchased credits are valid for 12 months. VALID credits can be extended by purchasing new credits. All credits are non-refundable.

The MultiSport card can only be used for studio lessons lasting 60 minutes, any other lessons are not eligible for such payments.

If you rent our mats for your practice, please note that the rental charge is 20 Kč per mat payable in the studio before the class.