Yoga classes led in English are based on Vinyasa flow yoga. Classes evolve from the Sun Salutation that opens and warms up the body at the beginning of the class. Slowly more asanas (postures) are added to work on opening, strength, flexibility, stability, stamina, posture, breath and awareness. Towards the end of each class the rhythm slows down as we move to more restorative and relaxing asanas. The end of the class is always with focus on relaxation and letting go.
Some classes are led in English only (marked EN in the time-table.)

Some classes are bilingual (marked CZ/EN in the time-table). If all the participants in the class understand English, then the class will be led in English only.

ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA (ASHTANGA) – dynamic form of asana practice based on progressive work thorough several sophisticated series. Regular practice brings about body’s natural flexibility, builds strength and stamina, removes excess body mass, detoxifies, strengthens respiratory and nervous systems, improves concentration and awareness.

In the 60 minute classes we practice postures from the first series. Emphasis on breath, postures, sequencing and work towards self practice.
Led by Ivana, Thu morning at 7:15 AM

VINYASA FLOW – yoga practice that is based on flowing through the postures of Sun Salutation with postures added to the sequence as we move through the class. We flow with the breath, therefore the classes are rather dynamic. In the class you can experience the harmony between body and breath. Enjoy asanas that strengthen and stretch your body, focus your mind and feel the changes within. Be present, be open, be aware. Explore through yoga. Journey from the outside inwards.
Led by Ivana, Tue at 7 PM, Thu at 5:30 PM

HATHA YOGA – slower form of asana practice with awareness on body, breath and mind coordination. Classes are focused on holding postures longer and on breath work. Classes are designed to strengthen the deep postural muscles and stretch the body, to bring a life energy and to release unnecessary tension. Journey to your new self. Led by Ziggy.
- not in the schedule (private classes available)

HATHA FLOW – mixture between traditional hatha yoga and vinyasa class. Moving through the postures respecting the breath with longer holds.
Class led by Martina. Not in the schecule (private classes available)

PRIVATE CLASS – Private classes are available upon requested. Classes can be taught in our studio (provided there is no scheduled class) or at your chosen place. Price might be adjusted if taught out of the studio.
Contact us for more information.

BUSINESS YOGA – yoga classes for your employees on a regular basis or just as a part of a team building. We believe that a 45 minute yoga class fit to your work schedule can increase awareness, energy, flexibility, life (and work) force, attention, perception and much more.
Send us e-mail with your inquiries at .