„Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living.“
Anthony Douglas Williams



• (1) – suitable for beginners.
• (2) – suitable for those who have already practiced yoga.
• Mysore – suitable for all, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Your practice will take 60 – 90 minutes. You can come during class hours. If yoga is new to you we recommend first attending 3-5 yoga classes suitable for beginners to get familiar with asana practice.
• (3) – class suitable for those practicing yoga regularly at least 2x per week for six months or more.


ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA (ASHTANGA) – dynamic form of asana practice based on progressive work thorough several sophisticated series. Regular practice brings about body’s natural flexibility, builds strength and stamina, removes excess body mass, detoxifies, strengthens respiratory and nervous systems, improves concentration and awareness.

ASHTANGA MYSORE – is the traditional way of teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Your practice will take 60-90 min. Everyone practices independently at one’s own pace and ability. It is not a led class. Beginers gradually learn the sequence with teacher’s help. More advanced practitioners work on their practice under guidance. You get to practice at your own pace and at the same time have a teacher to guide your progress with individual approach. One can come any time during the class hours. This class is structured to accommodate your time frame for practicing yoga. Just make sure to have enought time to finish your practice before the class ends. Beginers need about 60 min. to finish their practise. If yoga is completly new to you, we recomend attending 3-5 yoga classes suitable for beginers to get acustomed to practicing asans.

HATHA – slower form of asana practice with similar effects as ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Classes are focused on holding postures longer and on breath work.

VINYASAjourney from the outside inwards. In the class you can experience the harmony between body and breath. Enjoy asanas that strengthen and stretch your body, focus your mind and feel the changes within. Be present, be open, be aware. Learn and explore through yoga.

PRIVATE CLASS – we offer private classes for 1–3 people. One-hour classes are available from Monday to Friday. For more information and bookings please call our studio 776 678 999.



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