„The truth and love will preveil over falsehood and hatered.“
Václav Havel

Yoga in Prague

Yoga classes for beginners and regular practitioners in the centre of Prague.

Yogaspace is a cosy studio with a pleasant atmosphere in centre of Prague. The practice room is equipped with yoga mats and other props and has a capacity of maximum 20 people.

Place where I can practise, relax and be myself.

Our English classes are mainly Vinyasa yoga flow. They can be booked as a course (a group of classes for special price) or visited as single classes provided there is a space in the course. You can start with yoga any time during the year, if you speak a little Czech visit the full schedule.

To find out more about our classes visit  class description.

If you are looking for an individual approach because of health or other reasons, book a  private class  with one of our experienced teachers.

If you are coming to the studio for the first time, please make yourself comfortable in the waiting area without disturbing the ongoing class. The studio is equiped with mats, blocks, straps and other yoga props. Bring a small towel for the practice. 

The premises can be rented for workshops and seminars.

Here are some photos of Yogaspace studio.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.


The Yogaspace team