Welcome, we practice in smaller groups. Bookings for classes in the Reservation system are required. More about bookings.
Class marking:
>> Green writing - booking possible without credits      >> Yellow background - studio classes led in English (or Czech and English)
>> Pink background - on-line class, booking with credits (in english = EN)     >> Others - studio classes, booking with credits
The minimum number of participants to open a class is shown in class description. If there are less bookings, the class is cancelled 2 hrs before its beginning (1 hr for online classes). 

Please note: MultiSport cards are accepted for 60 min studio classes only.

In the table above you will find a list of all the classes taught at Yogaspace during this and next week (select required week).

To make bookings and manage reservations login / register in the reservation system in the timetable window. To book a class click on selected class and join. If you made a booking, did not cancel it on time and do not attend the class, the class fee will be charged. More about reservations.

End of booking

  • Booking for online lessons ends 5 minutes before the class begins. If you register 30 minutes or less before the start of the lesson, you will see a broadcast link in the timetable after clicking on the reserved lesson.
  • Booking a studio class is possible up to 15 minutes before the class begins. After this time if you see there is space in the class and the class was not cancelled you can come without prior reservation.

Capacity - numbers in the time-table will show you how full the class is. For example 4/12 means that 4 students have already registered and the maximum capacity is 12.

Instructors - if the class is substituted by a instructor, that does not usually teach the given class, you will see the following: Ziggy(S), Ivana - that means that Ziggy is the substituting teacher for this class.

Multisport cards can be used only for 60 minute clases.

Booking a course: if you prefer to book the whole course – visit our course site.

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