Accepted payments:
ON-LINE, CASH, CARD, BANK TRANSFER and the following benefits up to 500 CZK/payment.

Price list: 27th Apr 2023


60 minute classes starting before 12:00 (12PM) = 200 CZK or 182 CZK with ADVANCED credit (or MultiSport card), ON-LINE CLASSES 126 CZK or 115 Kč with ADVANCED credit. From 1.7.2024 ON-LINE CLASSES = 150 CZK.

60 minute classes starting after 12:00 (12PM) = 220 CZK or 200 CZK with ADVANCED credit (or MultiSport card), ON-LINE CLASSES 126 CZK or 115 CZK with ADVANCED credit. From 1.7.2024 ON-LINE CLASSES = 150 CZK.

75 minute classes = 270 CZK or 250 CZK with ADVANCED credit, ON-LINE CLASSES 162 CZK or 150 CZK with ADVANCED credit. From 1.7.2024 ON-LINE CLASSES 75 min. = 180 CZK.

30  Days for 1,200 CZK (max 10 classes)
With this season ticket, you can enjoy all regular group classes in the studio and online for 30 days. Membership is valid for 30 days or for 10 classes. The count down starts from the date of the first reservation. Membership cannot be used for special thematic events, workshops, closed courses, retreats and classes of third parties (blue background in the time-table)

The credits are used to book class in our reservation system and to pay for those bookings. HOW TO BUY CREDITS - video

Buying credits for 200 to 999 CZK (100 CZK = 100 credits)

Buying ADVANCED credits for 1,000 to 10,000 CZK (1000 CZK = 1100 credits, 2000 CZK = 2200 credits etc, 10% added to your purcharse)

YS kredit STUDENT buy credits for at least 1,000 CZK. If you are student under 26 years of age, show us your ID and ISIC card and we will add extra100 credits to the credits you purcharsed (1000 CZK = 1200 credits).

  • Credits are valid for 12 months. Validity of credits can be extended BEFORE EXPIRY by purchasing new credits. All credits are non-refundable.

How to buy membership or cretits?

  • Online when booking a class >>> click JOIN >> BOOK select CREDITS or MEMBERSHIPS (cards, online bank buttons, Gpay).
  • Bank transfer to acc no. 2502531214 / 2010 (IBAN: CZ38 2010 0000 0025 0253 1214)
  • . To the message for recepient please write "YS CREDITS" and "your name". Kindly notify us by email to . The membership or credits will be added to your account in reservation system within 1 working day after receiving the payment.
  • CASH or CARD payment in the studio before your class.
  • Using the following benefits: BenefitPlus, Benefity, Edenred, Pluxee (Card no. and code). All benefits up to 500 CZK per payment.

How to use Multisport card to pay for classes?


Private yoga classes for one person and for groups. Schedule that suits your availability and practice that suits your needs. For more information and bookings please contact us Tel: 776 678 999. PRIVATE YOGA PRICES.


THE STUDIO CAN BE LEASED FOR WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS AND OTHER YOGA AND WELL BEING RELATED ACTIVITIES. Studio is mainly available on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays. Facilities: lockers, 2 shower, 2 toilets and a kitchenette. Flipchart and a projector on request. For the practice studio is equipped with mats, blocks, straps, blankets, meditation cussions and bolsters. WI-FI available. 
For workshops with exercises we recommend max. of 20 students. 
For more information and availability please email to or call +420 776 678 999.