Accepted payments: CASH, BANK TRANSFER and the following benefits:

Price list: 24th May 2020


60 minute classes = 200 CZK (or credits) / class (or MultiSport card)

75 minute classes = 250 CZK (or credits) / class


YS kredit 200 = 200 credits for 200 CZK(60 min. class = 200 CZK) validity 1 month

YS kredit 250 = 250 credits for 250 CZK(60 min. class = 200 CZK, 75 min. lclass = 250 CZK) validity 1 month

YS kredit 2300 = 2300 credits for 2.000 CZK (60 min. class = 173,91 CZK, 75 min. class = 217,39 CZK) validity 6 months

YS kredit STUDENT buy YS kredit 2300. If you are student under 26 years of age, show us your ID and ISIC card and we will add 200 credits to the credits you bought (60 min. class = 160,- CZK, 75 min. class = 200,- CZK)

  • The credits can be used only by booking a class in the reservation system. Once paid the credits will be added to your account in the reservation system. All credits are non-refundable and have a limited validity.
  • How to buy the cretits?:
    • Online in Timetable. (cards, online bank buttons, Gpay). The “Buy credit” button is located in the Timetable window above calendar.
    • bank transfer to acc no. 670100-2203164194/6210. To the message for recepient write KREDIT and "your name". Kindly let us know about the payment by email to Credit will be added within 1 working after receiving the payment.
    • cash payment in the studio before your class.
    • via BenefitPlus

MultiSport credit - Do you have a MultiSport card and would like to reserve your space and pay with this card for a 60 min class? Create an account in our reservation system. Than buy MULTISPORT membership for 0 CZK in "online store" (the button is located in the Timetable window above calendar). Within 2 working days 200 credits will be added to your MULTISPORT membership. This credits will allow you to book one 60 minute class. By coming to the class and paying for the class with your MultiSport card, your used credits will re-new. The update happens 1 hour after the end of each class. If you do not come to the class or if you do not use MULTISPORT membership to make a reservation the credits will be used. Once you run out of credits, you need to buy new credits to be able to make reservations.
MultiSport card can by used for 60 minute classes only. See the timetable.


We offer private classes for individuals or groups of students. For more information and bookings please contact us Tel: 776 678 999.

60 minute class
1 person        =   1,000 CZK / lesson (or 10 lessons 6,000 CZK - validity 4 months)
2 to 3 people = 1,500 CZK / lesson (or 10 lessons 10.000 CZK - validity 4 months)

90 minute class
1 person        = 1,400 CZK / lesson (or 10 lessons 8,000 CZK - validity 4 months)
2 to 3 people = 2,000 CZK / lesson (or 10 lessons 13,000 CZK - validity 4 months)


THE STUDIO CAN BE LEASED FOR WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS AND OTHER ACTIVITIES. Studio is available on Saturdays and Sundays. The main room has 76 m². Other facilities included in the price are lockers, shower, toilets and kitchenette. For workshops with exercise we recommend max. of 20 students. 
The price is negotiable. 
For more information please email to or call +420 776 678 999.